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Scott Sailors on Fox 5 News Atlanta 0

Raxis’ Scott Sailors on Atlanta’s Fox 5 News

Late last week, Raxis’ Vice President of Security Consulting, Scott Sailors, spoke with Atlanta’s Fox 5 News about the Department of Homeland Security’s recent statement of warning about elevated malicious cyber activity from state-sponsored actors in Iran. As a hub...

Bonnie Smyre on Fox 5 News 0

Our COO, Bonnie Smyre, Featured on Fox 5 News!

Our Chief Operating Officer, Bonnie Smyre, was interviewed on Fox 5 News in Atlanta in a story regarding a Facebook scam involving Tyler Perry.   If you clicked the Facebook scam link, it’s probably too late to reverse it, but try...

petya ransomware screen 0

Petya Ransomware Strikes Businesses Globally

Petya, the next major security malware since Wannacry is specifically targeting companies across the globe.  Originating from the Ukraine, the Petya ransomware uses the same Eternalblue/MS17-010 vulnerability that was used with Wannacry.  The difference this time is there is no...

Scammers are now baiting you with EMV chip emails 0

Scammers are now baiting you with EMV chip emails

Using an old tactic updated to exploit the new EMV deployments going on, scammers are back at it via email.  Raxis security expert Bonnie Smyre discusses on the Fox 5 Atlanta link below. trailer movie The Little Prince