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Goodies for Hoodies: TCP Timestamps

The Picts were a tribal culture in northern Scotland that history has relegated to the realm of myth and enigmatic legend. Largely forgotten, the Picts fought off the military superiority of Rome’s army and built a sophisticated civilization on the...

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IKE VPNs Supporting Aggressive Mode

In Raxis penetration tests, we often discover IKE VPNs that allow Aggressive Mode handshakes, even though this vulnerability was identified more than 16 years ago in 2002. In this post we’ll look at why Aggressive Mode continues to be a...

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HP iLO Password Cracking

One of my favorite parts of information security is cracking password hashes.  I have a dual nVidia GPU rig that I use to run hashcat on and sometimes my research leads me to crack hashes.  For those who don’t know,...